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Apps for Every School Leader to Consider

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When properly configured, tablet devices like the iPad or those running an Android OS are great tools for school leaders. There are all kinds of productivity and utility apps that can be used to streamline tasks and help leaders make better use of their valuable time and resources.


Use the links on this page to explore the possibilities. 


The categories listed here also work well as titles for folders you might want to create on your iPad. Remember, you need two apps that fit into one category in order to make a folder.



Information Management Tools


Dropbox: Use this app to store your files in the cloud to be accessed using any Internet-connected device with the Dropbox app installed. (iPad and Android, Free)

Box: Like Dropbox, this app can be used to store files in the cloud that can be access using any Internet connected device. (iPad and Android, Free)

Evernote: Take notes, make to-do lists, clip Web pages, then save these items in the cloud to be accessed by any Internet-connected device with the Evernote app installed. (iPad and Android, Free)

Wunderlist: Create and share to-do lists. (iPad and Android, Free)

Astrid To-Do: Comprehensive digital personal assistant. Begin with to-do lists, but much more is possible. (iPad and Android. Free)

AudioNote Lite: Combines the functionality of a notepad and a voice recorder. Annotate audio recording with text or handwritten notes. Recordings limited to 10 minutes per note or 2 hours total. (iPad and Android, Free)

AudioNote: Full version of app described above. Unlimited recording and notes and recording may be shared using WiFi or email. (iPad and Android. $4.99)

OneNote: Similar to Evernote, this app can be used to create notebooks to share digital content related to identified themes. (iPad and Android. Free)



Productivity Suites


Apple Users

Pages: Word processor for iPad ($9.99)

Numbers: Spreadsheets for iPad ($9.99)

Keynote: Presentations for iPad ($9.99)


PC Users

QuickOffice: Create, access, edit, and share Microsoft Office files in high definition. (iPad and Android, Free)

Cloud On: View, edit, and create Microsoft Office files. (iPad and Android, Free)





iBooks: Download and read books from Apple's online book store. (iPad, Free)

Kindle: Download and read books from Amazon's Kindle book store. (iPad and Android, Free)

Nook: Download and read books from Barnes and Noble's online book store. (iPad and Android, Free)

OverDrive Media Console: Download ebooks and audio books from your library. (iPad and Android, Free)

Adobe Reader: Adobe's pdf reader. (iPad and Android, Free) 

Pocket: Save Web pages to read later, even without an Internet connection. (iPad and Android, Free)



Communication/Social Networking


Voice Recorders

Note: Voice-to-text is available on iPads running later versions of the iOS and is also a built-in feature on Android devices.

iTalk: Make audio recordings using your iPad. (Free)

Voice Recorder: Make audio recordings using your Android tablet. (Free)


Social Networks

Twitter: Access your Twitter account on your iPad. (iPad and Android, Free)

Google+: Access your Google+ account on your iPad. (iPad and Android, Free)


Voice Calls and Texting

Skype: Make voice calls to other devices or land lines using Skype. (iPad and Android, Free)

Text+: Unlimited, free text messaging. (iPad and Android, Free)




FlipboardAggregate news and social network updates in one easy-to-access location. (iPad and Android, Free)

USA Today: News, weather, sports, etc. (iPad and Android, Free)

Zite: Build a personalized magazine of news, blog posts, videos, etc. (iPad and Android, Free)




Absolute Board: Take handwritten notes, sketch ideas and then take a snapshot of your board to email. (iPad, Free)

SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard: Take handwritten notes, type or dictate text, sketch ideas, then email your document. Can also use collaboratively. (Android, Free)

Splashtop Whiteboard: Control you PC remotely or use whiteboard features for brainstorming, etc. Two downloads are required. Splashtop Streamer for your computer (Free) and the app ($19.99) iPad and Android.

SlideShark: Upload your PowerPoint files to the SlideShark site (100MB free storage), download them to your iPad, and view slides on your iPad. (Free)

Tap Forms HD: Create forms you can complete on your iPad. A wide variety of field types are supported including audio notes and photos. Easy to import and export data. ($8.99)

Common Core Standards: Easy access to the CCSS for English Language Arts and Mathematics. There's also a new app for the Next Generation Science Standards.





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